Büt Roadmap

Where we are and where we’re going

Primary Challenges

Limited Staff: Büt Camp, Inc. is beginning with a small staff to get the business up and running

Brand Recognition: As a new product, Büt Camp will need to build brand recognition among an initial customer base and expand out.

Limited Purchasing Options: Currently Büt Camp is only available for purchase with a credit card on our website.

Single Primary Product: Büt Camp is offering a single product in various package sizes.

Büt Advantages

Affordability: Büt Camp is marketed to be extremely affordable for single units and in bulk. Most shelters are for multiple individuals and are over thirty (30) dollars for a single unit of average quality.

Eco-friendly: Büt Camp is made of biodegradable cornstarch-based polylactic acid (PLA), an eco-friendly replacement for mylar, nylon, and other portable shelter materials. The use of PLA reduces the carbon footprint of this product and promotes sustainability.

Easy to Use: Büt Camp is designed to be used by anyone with a need. Set up includes unfolding and manually inflating the channels to create the structure. No additional rods, tools, or accessories are necessary for functionality, unlike a traditional tent.

Uniqueness: Büt Camp is a new take on emergency shelters designed to supplement planning, limit environmental impact, and still be accessible and affordable.

Lightweight: Büt Camp weighs approximately 8oz and folds into a small bundle that fits into the waist pack reducing impeding movement and transport. Units are small and light, therefore easy to transport and store efficiently.

Primary Objectives

Brand Recognition: Out of the prototype stage, with several patents pending, our end goal is to make the Büt Camp tent synonymous with a small comfort during a stressful time.

Market Increase: We are pushing to move from a local market into larger regional areas within the following year. We plan to grow the emergency shelter business through investment into a national offering.

Product Expansion: Then we plan to expand our product line into 3D printed camping and survival products such as utensils, multi-tools, and first aid kit supplies, with an eventual goal of offering 3D schematics via direct-to-consumer sales.

R&D: Research and development in additional uses for polylactic acid (PLA) products to increase our eco-friendly product line.

Sustainability: Have stable investors and investments to support increased product demand, support staff, and additional research and distribution of new products.

Year 1: MVP & Local Market

Local Market

Büt Camp entered the local market through local brick-and-mortar camping and outdoor stores and advertised to local disaster preparedness groups and councils to build brand recognition and product awareness.

MVP Distribution

Büt Camp Inc. distributed 5,000 units immediately to first responders in New Orleans, LA, and Northern California free of cost to test the use within a specific customer base and request feedback after two (2) months. We also distributed an additional 1,000 units to local EMTs and local disaster preparedness groups and councils.

Early Feedback Response

Büt Camp, Inc. attained and evaluated feedback directly from this customer base through informal interviews and quantified questionnaires. By connecting with specific components of our projected customer base, we responded to feedback on the product and make any appropriate design or packaging changes before releasing the final product for purchase.

2020 Sales

2020 sales rely largely on individual and small-batch sales of the product. This indicates that our entrance to the local market is developing.

Year 2: Increase Sustainability

Increase staff

We plan to increase the staff to 10-15 individuals to increase our customer service, advertising, and account management strategies.

Enter Regional Market

In the second year, Büt Camp, Inc. hopes to move from a local market into larger regional areas.


We plan to grow the emergency shelter business through investment into a national offering.

The owners are looking to secure $250,000 for a 25% stake in the business. Funding will help accelerate the marketing of the Büt Camp shelter and allow us to place either larger orders from our current manufacturer at a lower price point or give us the flexibility to search for a cheaper, but comparable in quality, manufacturer. Valuation is revenue calculated based on five (5) times sales.

Increase Distribution Points

We plan to enter additional points of distribution outside of our website, including through Amazon, camping gear sites, disaster preparedness sites; as well as brick-and-mortar chains like Walmart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other similar companies.

2021 Projection

We anticipate an uptick in individual and 5-unit tent sales in 2022 with a decrease in larger units like 50-unit and 100-unit orders as these orders may last a customer longer.

Year 3: Product Expansion

Stable Investors

We hope to attain investors to support at least 25% of the operating costs for Büt Camp, Inc.

Product Expansion

We hope to expand our product line into 3D printed camping and survival products such as utensils, multi-tools, and first aid kit supplies

3D Patterns

In addition to expanding products, we hope to offer 3D schematics of these products via direct-to-consumer sales for additional re-use.

2022 Projection

We anticipate an increase in all product lines at year 3 with the exception of 1000+ bulk offerings as we further engage with national and international organizations.

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